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Organizations desperately need sustainable leadership. But what is sustainable leadership, and how do you develop it?

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The circular economy

When moving from a linear to a circular economy, people and organizations need to make significant changes — both in the way they work together and in their revenue model.

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Increase your change capacity

A successful organization merges its own ambitions with those of its people. If you start from the core, you increase your change capacity.

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Successful change management is a two–way street.

Leaders who engage in a dialogue increase their people’s awareness, clearly outline their vision for change and thereby create more acceptance for those changes. These conditions are vital to achieving sustainable change.

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The secret of successful change

It can be difficult to achieve successful and lasting change. Combining John P. Kotter’s “8–Step Process for Leading Change” with charismatic leadership allows organizations to boost their development.

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Give your talents room to grow

The only way for organizations to effectively work towards achieving their goals is by motivating their team and allowing people’s talents to blossom.

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Growth through sustainable leadership

Sustainable leadership is based on the Seven Core Values, and empowers organizations through stimulating connections and development. It helps organizations become more successful, more profitable and healthier.

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Passion & Fun

Pike Place is a fish market in Seattle famous for its FISH! Philosophy. It’s a truly inspiring environment, and the people there love their job. Watch this video and learn how to change your work attitude for increased turnover.

Leadership lessons

Derek Sivers uses this video of “Dancing Guy”, to teach people about leadership and to explain how to create movement. Watch this video to see how this shirtless lunatic acquires followers, and learn about what leadership really is.

Simon Sinek – Start With Why

Why am I here? Simon Sinek has developed a simple model to get to the core of the issue. Why are some leaders more successful than others? Using his “golden circle” model, he explains the importance of finding your Why. Watch this video to see how leaders can inspire, improve collaboration, create trust and achieve change.

Ken Blanchard

Servant leadership is a style of leadership originating from the Chinese Tao Te Ching philosophy, which dates back to about 600 BC. Robert Greenleaf first published about it in 1970. In this video, Ken Blanchard explains it in further detail.